Minimoi Extension Poles

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Borne out of the extensive development of our Anemoi aero extension system. The "Minimoi" are designed to work with the industry standard 22.2mm pole clamps, bringing Anemoi aerodynamics to the vast majority of cockpits.

A 40mm cross section along the main profile of the extensions provides both forearm support right up to the wrist kink and a clean transition of airflow from the extension to your forearm, reducing boundary layer separation, turbulence and, ultimately, aerodynamic drag.

The Minimoi are compatible with all standard bar end TT shifters. The handgrip can be cut to length for those looking for a shorter handgrip length. There is a 100mm clamping zone to allow for extensive reach adjustment within your pole clamp.

Please note there is no hole to allow for external mechanical cable routing to be routed inside the extensions at the handgrip end of the extension pole.

For computer mounts a standard 22.2mm pole clamp computer mount can be used above or below the main profiled section.

Pair Minimoi with our adjustable angled risers, pole clamps and armrests for one of the most adjustable and clean front end set ups on the market.

    Product Description


    Utilising the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub wind tunnel, we tested Minimoi against a comparable round profile extension set up. Both set ups utilised the Anemoi adjustable risers and universal pole clamps with a 20 degree armrest and extension angle.
    It's important to note that the extension angle matched the armrest angle. We chose this set up option as it is currently more prevalent than the traditional option of an angled armrest paired with an high-rise extension angle.

    Results from our SSEH wind tunnel tests are presented in the graphs below. Averaged across all yaws tested, the Minimoi reduced CdA by 0.002m^2. This is equal to 1.6 watts at 40kph, 3.2 watts at 50kph and 5.6 watts at 60kph.

    Technical Specifications


    PASSED - Fatigue Test. 100,000 cycles of 400N (40.7kg per extension) at the armrest and 150N (15.3kg per extension) at the extension handgrip. A test force of 550N (56.1kg per extension).
    Tested in accordance to ISO 4210-5:2014.

    PASSED - Static (maximum and overload). Maximum 1,000N (102kg per extension) and overload of minimum 1,300N (132.6kg per extension).
    Tested in accordance to ISO 4210-5:2014.


    Minimoi: 208g (pair)

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