Some frequently asked questions...

Q. How long will my waxed chain last?

Typically, around 250-400km of dry open road use. This will be noticeably longer on the track, and shorter in the rain or in extreme temperatures (+40 °C). After this period, you can send your chain back to us to be re-waxed.

Q. Do all chains come with a split link?

Yes, all chains (including Shimano) are supplied with a split link.

Q. Do you post outside of the UK?

Yes, we will happily ship anywhere in the world. Worldwide shipping options should be available in your cart but if you don't see an option that suits please contact us for a postage quote.

Q. I'm interested in the Anemoi extension system but how do I know if they'll fit my bike/base bars?

If you have a dual riser stack system it is highly likely the system will fit as we utilise universal mount plates. Essentially if you have a flat top riser stack (once your arm rests and extension clamp blocks are removed) then the system will mount. The systems works for both bolt up and bolt down mountings.

If you have a mono riser stack system, we've listed the bikes/base bars the extensions are compatible with on the item description. This list is being constantly updated as we design solutions to the different mono riser stacks.

Alternatively get in touch with us info@shopforwatts.co.uk and a photo of your cockpit and we can confirm compatibility.

Q. How does watts saved convert to time trial speed?

As a general rule, for every 1 watt in aerodynamic drag you will save 0.1 seconds every kilometre. E.g. you’ve come to a WattShop aero test session and we have reduced your aerodynamic drag (CdA) by 10 watts. Assuming you hold the position, you can expect to go 16.1 seconds faster in a 10mile TT and 40.2 seconds faster in a 25mile TT.

Q. What do I need to bring? Do you have kit for me to test?

The short answer is to bring everything! Please bring all the spacers/bolts for your bars, and your bike set up in full race mode including everything you normally race in be it race wheels, skinsuit, overshoes / calf guards, gloves etc.

We stock a range of equipment for testing, including 22.2mm extensions (20, 30, 40 and 50 degree), a range of stems, various hydration systems, several helmets (Giro Aerohead, Bell Javelin, S-Works TT, POC Cerebel, POC Tempor, Bontrager Aeolus, MET Drone and Lazer Wasp), and several skinsuits/overshoes. If you want to test something specific for example, you have two skinsuits but don’t know which is the fastest, please bring them and we can tell you which one needs to go on eBay!

Finally, if there is something specific you might want to test but don’t have, let us know and we’ll try and source one for your test.

Q. I’ve never ridden the track before, is that a problem?

No, it’s not a problem. When using your normal TT or Tri bike it is surprisingly easy! At the beginning of the session you will have the opportunity to warmup and acclimatise yourself to the velodrome. Within a few laps it will become second nature.

Additionally, the way we calculate your aerodynamic drag doesn’t require you to ride on the black line. This takes a large element of skill out of the track riding, as it is much easier to ride slightly higher up on the track.

Q. I’ve never ridden the rollers before, is that a problem?

WattShop have developed an accurate way of detecting minute changes in rolling resistance (Crr). To do this we will need you to ride at a constant velocity on the rollers for an extended period of time. If you are not comfortable riding on the rollers, then don’t worry we can do it for you.

We will only need to conduct this rolling resistance test if you wanted to test 2 different wheels or tyres. The fastest wheel is determined by a combination of rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag. As such by testing minute changes in CdA and Crr we can be more accurate in our answer as to which wheel is faster.

Q. I don’t have a power meter, can I still come for an aero test?

No this is not a problem, we have 2 rear wheels fitted with Powertap hubs (10/11 speed) for clients to use in aero tests. If it is a track bike you wish to be tested on and you don’t have a powermeter, please contact us and we can find a solution.

Q. My PB for a 10mile TT is only 23 minutes, is it still worth coming for an aero test?

Yes, it’s absolutely worth coming! If you are going along at 60kph or 40kph you will still be using the majority of your power to overcome aerodynamic drag. For example, if you have a 10mile TT PB of 23 minutes (26mph average), at that speed over 85% of your power is used to overcome aerodynamic drag.

Aero testing isn’t only for professionals or those fighting for the win. We have extensive experience testing a range of riders, from those looking to dip under 24 minutes for a 10-mile TT, all the way up to multiple Olympic champions. A reduction in aerodynamic drag will make you go faster no matter what speed you’re going at! So, don’t be shy, tell us your goals and we can help you achieve them!

Q. Does WattShop have an association with any clothing, bike or wheel manufacturers?

WattShop has no association with any clothing, bike or wheel manufacturers. We feel it is important that the testing process is completely impartial. As such we have no financial incentive to put you in a certain manufacturer’s skinsuit, bike or equipment. We are simply looking to make you go faster, no matter what kit you do it in.

Q. How does the booking process work?

If you wish to book an aero test session, please email info@shopforwatts.co.uk At this point you will be given the latest track availability, as well as the invoice for your aero test. As soon as you have paid the invoice, we will contact the velodrome to book your track time. Finally, once we have received confirmation that the session is secured, we can start planning your aero test!

Please note, we will not book your track time until the invoice is settled in full.

Q. I want to test helmets. Do I need to bring them with me?

We stock a range of helmets for clients to use during aero sessions. Currently we have Giro Aerohead, Bell Javelin, S-Works TT, POC Cerebel, POC Tempor, Bontrager Aeolus, MET Drone and Lazer Wasp (long tail). If you have a specific helmet you wish to test, please let us know and we can try and find one!

Q. I can’t change the stack height on my bike, is that okay?

During the test, we will always follow the data, as such we may need to change your stack height. If you are unable to increase or decrease the stack height please contact us and we can find a solution before the test.

Q. I can’t change the extensions on my bike, is that okay?

During the test, we will always follow the data, as such we may need to change the extensions. If you are unable to fit standard 22.2mm extensions please contact us and we can find a solution before the test.