Minimoi Mk2 Extension Pole Spacers



Minimoi spacers are precision-designed to eliminate the gap between the profiled section of the extension pole and the leading-edge of the armrests. This creates a smooth, uninterrupted airflow path along the entire length of the extension, minimising drag and maximising aerodynamic efficiency.

    Product Description

    Achieve a seamless transition from extension poles to armrests with Minimoi Spacers. These versatile spacers adapt to your setup, offering two configurations:

    Full Coverage: Interlock both spacer pieces for a complete spacer that sits flush against your armrest, matching the profile of your extension pole for uninterrupted airflow.

    Partial Coverage: Use the lower piece alone to fill the gap between your armrest and extension pole, ensuring a smooth profile up to your pole clamp.

    Use with our inline or universal pole clamps for a perfect fit.
    Please note: Different pole clamps may require adjustments, and a perfect fit may not be guaranteed with third-party clamps.

    Made with precision and performance in mind, these spacers are crafted from durable black PLA with a 0.2mm layer thickness for a lightweight and sleek finish.

    Technical Specifications


    A full spacer set includes:
    - 6x 20mm spacers (upper and lower)
    - 4x 10mm spacers (upper and lower)
    - 2x 5mm spacers (upper and lower)
    - 2x interface spacers


    1x set = 225g