Custom Labs Suit


A skinsuit design and aero package ensuring that your suit is tailored to your personal needs. Includes a fully customised Tri Suit or Skinsuit and a WattShop Aero consultancy.

Prices start at £2500

Custom Design, Sizing, Fabrics & Aero Consultancy

The Custom Labs team will discuss your race and suit requirements to form the basis of the suit make up.

You will be invited to HUUB HQ to get measured up for your suit, or this can be done online.

After you have provided the Custom Labs design team with a brief, they will produce some concepts for you to feedback on.

You will then be invited for aero testing with WattShop to confirm fabric choices. It can take place at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub wind tunnel or Derby Arena velodrome.

Once fabric selection and artwork are confirmed, your suit will be made in 2-4 weeks.

If you have opted in for aero validation, this will then be arranged, and you may be offered a second suit for alternative race conditions if required.


HUUB's fabric matrix, created from hours of testing in wind tunnels and on the track, including the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub, is arguably the most comprehensive in the industry. Combining their testing procedures with WattShop's aerodynamic expertise, the Custom Lab Skinsuit ensures full optimisation to help maximise your performance.

Suits can be tailored in person at HUUB HQ or virtually via the use of HUUB's 25-point measurement guide.


By investigating your exact needs that take course speed, air temperature, biomechanics and body form into consideration, we can propose fabric optimisations and benefits that go far beyond any other brand in our sport to find your perfect suit.

1. Speed

Relevant fabrics to suit your average race speed for the biggest Watt saving specification.

2. Cylinder Size

Fabrics selected according to the cylinder sizes of your body, based off your physical build up.

3. Aero Gains

Custom panel sizing allows for the perfect fit giving you every possible aero advantage whilst providing a comfy fit.

4. Heat Management

Fabrics can be spec’d to best suit your race conditions, whether a fabric suited to keeping you warm or cooling you down.

5. Suit Configuration

Suit configuration, from pocket location and size to chamois choice and zip style. Every aspect of the suit can be customised. 

6. Custom Design

Full custom design, whatever the inspiration or purpose. The Custom Lab’s design team can make your concept a reality for race day.


"When racing for 8 hours, compromise is not an option, speed and comfort have to be perfectly balanced, for me the only way to achieve that is customisation from the very start."

Kat Matthews - Professional Triathlete

"HUUB are at the forefront of research and development, and I have trusted their knowledge for over a decade. Years of work have gone into the development of their Tri Suits, culminating in Custom Labs. There is nothing to match this level."

Ali Brownlee - Professional Triathlete

"Very excited about this new process, another step in the journey to aeroness. HUUB are always looking to innovate and so this feels like an intuitive step for them to take."

Neah Evans - Professional Cyclist