Universal Extension Pole Clamp

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Machined from 6082-T6 aluminium and anodised black, our universal extension pole clamps can be used in a variety of ways. The fore-aft spacing caters for holes centres between 15-42mm, allowing them to be used across the vast majority of riser stacks and specifically in combination with our adjustable angled riser for a large adjustment window. Our revised pole clamp design also allows for up to 5 degrees of toe in angle adjustment so you can refine your handgrip tip centres.


    Product Description

    A standard pole clamp can be very limiting to your set up for a number of reasons; your extension poles may need to be trimmed in order to shorten the reach (meaning you can't extend back out), the clamp my offer an awkward arm rest mounting (Bianchi Aquila for example), the clamp may not be the industry standard 22.2mm, or the clamp may prevent you from angling your poles in line with your arm rests.

    When compared to a standard cockpit set up, being able to bring your extension poles closer to your forearm helps to reduce aerodynamic drag by closing the turbulent and lossy gap between your forearm and extension.

    Paired with our adjustable angled riser, you will have a system that enables you to fit the pole clamp anywhere in the stack, whether below or more importantly, above the angled riser, whilst enabling micro level angle adjustments to dial in your TT position. The perfect pairing.

    The Anemoi pole clamps have a slot between pole and stack mounting, this can be utilised for electronic cable routing to keep everything internal. All that is needed is an additional hole in your extension poles for the cable to exit before routing across the clamp and down the middle of your riser stack.

    Technical Specifications


    81g (pair)


    - 4x M5x16mm countersunk head bolts