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Get to know: Scott Bayvel ft Anemoi Aero Extensions
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Get to know: Scott Bayvel ft Anemoi Aero Extensions

Scott Bayvel ft Anemoi Aero Extensions

Scott Bayvel was one of the first adopters of our Anemoi extension system and we've recently caught up with him to find out how his pandemic affected 2020 season is progressing and also to find out a little more about him.

Currently Scott is based in Noosa, Australia however he was born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa. Scott tells us that from a young age he had always dreamt of being a professional athlete; growing up in South Africa perhaps unsurprisingly meant he focused mainly on rugby, until the realisation that the game is physical beyond comprehension. 

After a few years off the field repairing his body he decided it was time to get involved with sport again and in 2015 Scott completed his first sprint distance triathlon race. He worked his way up to Ironman distance by 2019, taking numerous wins in the amateur ranks before making the step up and registering as a pro triathlete in the back end of 2019. With the results of 2019 in the back of his mind it was time to knuckle down and hit the 2020 season running.

We caught up with Scott this last week to see how he was getting on, find out a little more about him and how our Anemoi extension system has helped him so far this season.Scott's current setup

So Scott, what kit are you currently utilising?

  • Canyon Speedmax CF SLX
  • Wattshop Anemoi Aero Extensions
  • Helmet - Kask mistral
  • Shoes - Bont Zero+
  • Pedals - Speedplay
  • Skinsuit - Wyn Republic race suit
  • SLF oversized pulley system
What are your top three Pro results?
"As I only turned Pro as little as 12 months ago, my top 3 Pro race results are as follows:
  • Ironman Western Australia (2019) - 8th
  • Ironman 70.3 Geelong (2020) - 12th
  • Ironman Cairns (2020) - 5th > (Cairns I had the fastest bike split of the day)" - We love to see this, Great work!

Scott mid race ft Anemoi Aero Extensions

Why did you decide to upgrade to the Anemoi Extension System?

"I decided to update to the Anemoi extensions for two reasons. Firstly, I follow Dan and the Huub Wattbike track team. Therefore I trusted the team behind the product and their track record shows that the products produced are next level and extremely aerodynamic. Secondly, I found the adjustability of different angles, length and all modular additions to the system are really great. This is what attracted me to the product as you can then self adjust the front end to suit you."Anemoi Aero Extensions adjustability How have you found using the system. What have you found to be the biggest positive so far?

"I have absolutely loved using the system. The comfort and control I have with the Anemoi is incredible compared to previous setups. The biggest positive I have found is that I feel so stable in the bars using the system. I have felt no discomfort and I can stay in the position for hours on end."
How did you find the install process?
"I found it super easy! The instructions that came with your kit and the YouTube video were very easy to understand."
You utilised our geometry tool, how did you find this process. Did it all line up for you?
"The geometry tool for the system that you provided was spot on. No hassle, and exactly to my measurements."
Which three WattShop products have you next set your sights on?
  • Notio Konect
  • Cratus wax chain
  • Cratus aero crank
What events can we expect to see you rolling with the Anemoi extension system over the coming weeks and months?
"I will be competing in the Hervey Bay 100 this coming month on the 15th November. In 2021 I will be racing in Ironman New Zealand, if international travel restrictions open up hopefully Ironman 70.3 Mallorca will be followed by Ironman Mallorca."

Finally, what made you choose WattShop?

"The high track record of the success of the people that have used them."

For anyone interested in following Scott on his journey he can be found on instagram at @scottbayvel - I'm sure you'll agree he posts some great looking photos of his bike ;)

It's great catching up with users of our WattShop products and it's a feature we're planning to blog about more so if you're enjoying using our products and want to be featured please drop us an email at

From all of us here at WattShop we wish Scott all the best in his relentless pursuit of speed. 

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