Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System
Anemoi Aero Extension System

Anemoi Aero Extension System

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Taking our hugely popular custom integrated extension concept and creating "off the shelf" and universally fitting Anemoi carbon fibre aero extensions.

Universal across nearly all base bars, the Anemoi carbon fibre aero extension system comes complete with Anemoi arm rests (our 2 piece dual sided design), an adjustable angled riser, mount plates, handgrips, and either a Garmin or Wahoo computer mount.


A progression of our work carried out with the World Cup winning Huub Wattbike Test Team, the Anemoi aero extensions are the culmination of three years of aero extension development. Key features include:

  • Aerodynamically optimised to provide a clean flow transition from the extension to your forearm, reducing boundary layer separation, turbulence and aero drag.
  • Multiple hand grip options to suit your preferred angle and profile.
  • Fully internal mechanical and electronic cable routing (multiple route options), including internal space for Shimano Di2 5-port junction box.
  • Micro adjustable angled riser; from 5 degrees through to 25 degrees.
  • Four universal slotted mount plates to account for differing reaches; long flipped, short flipped, short and long. Dual riser stack systems utilise two smaller plates whilst mono riser stack systems utilise a bracket (£100 inc VAT additional cost).
  • Guaranteed UCI 10cm rule compliance when running our 2 piece dual sided arm rests in conjunction with the 15 degree riser angle and the standard handgrip option.
  • The round handgrip option provides an industry standard 22.2mm diameter pole to accept various bar end plug designs and gear shift systems. Please note if you need to be UCI legal, then installing end plugs and shifters would alter the 10cm reference point so you may need to cut down the hand grip section to meet the regulations.
  • Available with Garmin, Wahoo or no mount.
  • 2 piece dual sided arm rests, slotted to allow width adjustment and supplied with 5mm pre-cut, laser engraved, velcro backed foam padding.
  • Entirely UK designed, optimised and manufactured.
  • Surpasses ISO 4210-5:2014 standard, the safety standard for bicycle steering components.

For a full explanation of the component adjustment, check out the Anemoi Adjustment and Customisation blog HERE. To read more about the development and history of aero extensions, check out our Optimisation & Testing blog HERE and our Historical Development blog HERE.

A full system comprises of:

  • 1x pair of extensions
  • 1x pair of adjustable angled risers
  • 1x pair of specified mount plates or bracket
  • 1x pair of specified handgrips
  • 1x pair of 2 piece dual sided arm rests including foam padding
  • 1x specified computer mount
  • All required mounting hardware, bolts and instructions

More information can be found on each components page; angled risers, mount plateshandgrips and computer mounts.


It's not always straight forward knowing what components you require to match up with your current position. Therefore we've simplified this process for you. Please download our dimension guide HERE before inputting those dimensions into our geometry tool which can be downloaded HERE. The output of which will be the components needed for your specific set up and relevant fit information.

Once you have decided on your setup you can select the relevant component options from the selection boxes, or if you need some assistance, please email us


The Anemoi aero extensions have been tested to ISO standard ISO 4210-5:2014, the safety standard for bicycle steering components. They passed. Exceeding the standard by 260% without failure.


  • Extension body: 316g
  • Arm rests: 125g 
  • Foam padding: 22g 
  • Handgrip: 32g 
  • Adjustable angled riser: 96g 
  • Mount plate: 120g (mono brackets will weigh more) 
  • Computer mount: 20g
  • SYSTEM WEIGHT: 731g (pair)


SPEED//SEEKA - this is the Anemoi extension specific Speed//Seeka mounting.

NOTIO BRACKET - we offer two Notio mounting solutions compatible with both the dual riser and mono riser stack systems. More information can be found HERE

10MM FOAM PADDING - a pair of 10mm foam padding. More information can be found HERE. You will also be supplied the 5mm foam padding as standard with the system.

MOUNT PLATES - if you wanted to purchase additional mount plates to increase your fitment window. More information can be found HERE.

REVERSE WEDGES - for UCI set ups only. If you run with a 20 or 25 degree angle then you would need to revert your arm rest angle back to 15 degree to comply with UCI regulations. The reverse wedge reverts the arm rest angle.

COMPUTER MOUNTS - different style of computer mounts. More information can be found HERE.

BTA BOTTLE MOUNT - offers two mounting options. 1) centrally raised above the arm rests to allow for narrow arm rest positions or, 2) out front underneath the extensions. More information coming soon.


Custom mount plates, hand grip styles and angled risers can be manufactured at an additional cost. Please get in touch if you wish to explore these options -

If you don't see your mono riser mounting system in the selection boxes please get in touch, we can still assist with custom mounting solutions. 


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