Styx Skewers



The humble skewer is one of the most overlooked components on the market. This simple device, tasked with keeping your wheels in their fork dropouts, is often an afterthought for bicycle makers, wheel manufacturers, and consumers alike. And yet, they are ripe for aerodynamic improvement. Standard quick-release skewers expose a large amount of frontal area to the wind, creating drag and costing time. 

The TriRig Styx are a re-interpretation of the skewer, optimizing aerodynamic efficiency and offering utter design simplicity. Each skewer consists of three components: two minimal and aerodynamically-shaped skewer ends, joined by one custom-machined thru-bolt. It's a simple design, but there is a bit more going on than you might first imagine. 

First, by using two separate skewer ends, instead of one end integrated into a bolt you avoid the need to turn the skewer against your fork, which most bolt-on skewers require. This protects your fork dropouts, preventing them from being damaged as a jagged metal surface is torqued onto them. On Styx, both ends feature orientation locks, so they simply snap into place, and then the custom thru bolt tightens the system without turning on the fork itself. This is especially important for bikes with all-carbon fork dropouts, which can be easily damaged by other types of skewers. 

So what's the bottom line for benefit? In our CFD modeling, a pair of Styx can save you 3-4 watts. That makes them one of the most cost-effective aerodynamic upgrades anywhere. Moreover, every component of the TriRig Styx skewers are made of TC4 titanium alloy, offering exceptional strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and ultra light weight. The entire set weighs just 45 grams, cutting over 100 grams of weight compared to standard trainer skewers. 

In short, Styx are perhaps the most cost-effective way to improve your rig's aerodynamics, aesthetics, and weight. They're a small but potent upgrade for any tri or road bike.

Product Description


- Bolt-on Aero Skewers save 3-4 watts per set
- Simple, elegant, aerodynamic design
- All-titanium construction
- Dual orientation locks protect your fork
- Works with standard road hubs (100mm front spacing, 130/131mm rear spacing)
- Not compatible with thru-axle hubs or disc brake hubs

Torque spec for skewers is typically set by the hub manufacturer. 6 Nm is usually safe, but be sure to consult your hub manufacturer, and check torque periodically between rides.

Technical Specifications

45g per pair, saves over 100g compared to standard skewers