Speedplay Low Stack Adapters

Stack: Standard

A completely unique system for Speedplay pedals to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase biomechanical efficiency by reducing the stack height by 3mm. For those riders searching for every watt saving solution possible, this is a must have.

Designed for use with a 3 bolt shoe. Our reduced depth stack plate replaces the standard adaptor plate. To do this the shoe needs to be drilled to suit a 4 bolt system. Included in the installation is a pair of our stainless steel protection plates.

We appreciate drilling your shoe's baseplate isn't for everyone so we have teamed up with professional mechanic Detail Bike Tech as our approved installer. Once an order has been placed you will be supplied with the address to send your shoes to and Detail Bike Tech will carry out the install for you. This is included in the listed price.

Please be aware you'll need to send your shoes to Detail Bike Tech with your standard Speedplay adapter installed so it can be used to set the fore-aft adjustment. Once an order is received we will email you with the relevant information. Please double check your spam folder if you have not receive an email from us.


If ordering from outside of the UK any customs charges on entry to the UK will be forwarded on to you.

Product Description


If ordering from outside of the UK any customs charges on entry to the UK will be forwarded on to you.

Technical Specifications

As a comparison of relevant shoe stack heights. Please note the stack is measured from the centre of the pedal spindle to the bottom surface of the shoe.

Look Keo - 17.1mm
Shimano SPD - 13.7mm
Speedplay Powrlink (3 bolt system) - 13mm
Garmin Vector - 12.5mm
Speedplay Zero (3 bolt system) - 11.5mm
Favero Assioma - 10.5mm
Speedplay Powrlink (WattShop system) - 10mm
Speedplay Zero (WattShop system) - 8.5mm

Customisation Options

Looking for a custom stack height to suit odd leg lengths? Or perhaps you need an inboard or outboard tilt? We can help you out with our custom spacing option. Each side can be made to different stack heights up to 10mm and up to 5 degree of tilt to get your leg spacing just right. Please allow for 2 weeks additional lead time when selecting this option.