Riser Stack Spacers


Specific to the Anemoi basebar and can also be used in conjunction with the mount plates and mono brackets. The riser stack spacers are manufactured from 6061-T6 alloy and anodised black.

Spacer packs are provided in sets of 20x 5mm spacers = 50mm stack per side + the relevant hardware to suit. Please note if you intend to use a stack greater than 50mm you will need to source the relevant bolts, specification is A2 stainless (304) steel.

If you intend to use these with your mount plates or bracket please double check they have the corresponding counterbore that interlocks with the boss on the underside of the spacers.

Product Description

The spacers have an interlocking boss to align the stack and a slot down one side to allow for stack height adjustments without having to worry about re-cabling.

The kammtail air foil profile of the spacer matches the profile of the adjustable riser providing a super clean cockpit.

Technical Specifications


Riser stack spacer: 18g (per 5mm spacer pair)