Omega One Brake

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For the better part of a decade, Omega has completely redefined what an aero brake could be. They have become the beloved favourite of pros and amateurs alike, and become the de-facto gold standard of aero brakes.

The new Omega One is a complete ground-up redesign, with an improved mechanical formula which both increases strength and offers vastly superior modulation. At the same time, the new aero shape is a complete rethinking of the aerodynamics of the system. Rather than a conglomeration of parts individually designed to make up the brake, Omega One was designed in its entirety as a single aerodynamic form, with its individual components carefully sculpted out of it. The result is by far the fastest brake ever made, which actually makes bikes aerodynamically faster than having no brake at all.

Omega One is just as easy to install as its predecessor. It retains the snap-on magnetic front plate, individual per-side brake centering controls, and the same wide-standard compatibility with the unique direct mount adapter. But at the same time, increased pad reach range, tire clearance, system stiffness, and braking modulation. The best brake on the market just got a whole lot better.

Product Description


UNIFIED SHAPE - Omega X brakes were built one part at a time, and joined into a whole that was, indeed, the sum of its parts. Omega One turns that concept on its head; starting with a single unified form, based on the smallest possible space envelope that would meet the mechanical requirements. Then, shaped that envelope into an aerodynamic form, and finally carved out the component parts from that aero shape. The result is a brake that is impossibly beautiful, elegant, and minimal, yet maintains all the mechanical properties and features of earliest edition brakes.

TINY FRONTAL PROFILE - Omega One is absolutely knife-like. It is the smallest possible shape which meets the mechanical necessities of braking. When mounted to a modern fork, it will add no frontal area at all. The centerpull design means that the brake cable and housing get to hide from the wind as well, leaving nothing exposed.

IMPROVED MECHANICAL FORMULA - The Omega's rollercam wedge design provides an enormous mechanical advantage for excellent stopping power, smooth action and excellent modulation. Omega One improves on past shapes, improving modulation while increasing power. It's as easy to install as ever, more powerful than before, and with plenty of modulation.

HIDDEN INTERNALS, SAME WEIGHT - The new integrated shapes mean that all the internals are hidden from the wind and the elements, making the brake faster and also more robust. At the same time maintaining the same ultra-light weight as prior Omega brakes, making them lighter than Dura-Ace or Campagnolo Record, while still providing superlative power, modulation, and aerodynamics.

POWERFUL RETURN SPRING - A powerful spring on the rear of the brake returns it to neutral quickly and efficiently. This single fixed spring design reduces size of the brake, and allows us to keep the width narrower than most head tubes.

EXTENSIVE TESTING - The Omega brakes have passed the world's most rigorous braking safety tests from CEN and CPSC with flying colours. Omega performs well in both dry and wet conditions, and has been ridden ridden in every kind of training and racing environment, under some of the world's strongest professional riders.

SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION - Omega One is as easy to install as prior brakes. The magnetic front plate offers instant access to the brake's internals. The wedge provides a 'home position' for the brake's levers, making installation straightforward and foolproof.

INDEPENDENT PAD ADJUSTMENT - There is a set screw on each side that controls how far the pad is from the brake track. If you switch to a wider rim, just move the pads outward - no need to re-cable the brake, open a quick release, or do anything else to compromise the performance and aerodynamics of the brake. If your brake pad has worn down, just move the pads inward. It is very quick and the most precise way to achieve optimal brake pad position. And because the pad stance is independently adjustable on each side, you can easily accommodate an out-of-true wheel or an off-centred brake mount.

MULTIPLE STANDARDS SUPPORTED - Omega One is compatible with a traditional single-post mount, Shimano direct-mount, and TRP U-brake direct mount standards. This allows it to work with virtually any tri bike on the market! All fasteners and adapters necessary are included, so no matter what kind of shape your frame is in, you'll be able to mount the Omega One.