Cratus Aero Crank - Alloy
Cratus Aero Crank - Alloy
Cratus Aero Crank - Alloy

Cratus Aero Crank - Alloy

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The Cratus aero crankset has been designed to be class leading in every aspect from aerodynamics and drivetrain efficiency through to biomechanics and stiffness. The unique crankarm length adjustment system allows you to adjust between 160mm and 175mm, making bike fitting and aero testing significantly quicker and easier. The super narrow Q factor of 134mm is class leading and helps to further improve both your biomechanics and aerodynamics. The proprietary aero chainring contains a range of unique improvements: stepped tooth to chainring profile reduces aerodynamic flow separation off the chain outer plates; 144 BCD reduces chainring flex, and the low friction additive infused material reduces surface friction to an absolute minimum.

The Cratus aero crankset is compatible with all pedal systems and various bottom bracket specifications, whilst also offering adjustable crankarm lengths through the use of interchangeable inserts. 


  • Aerodynamically designed to reduce turbulence and separation around the spider, chainring and crankarm.
  • 144mm BCD for track and road with 6mm thick chainrings, improving power transfer by eliminating any chainring flex.
  • 134mm Q factor. Narrower than nearly every crankset currently on the market.
  • Adjustable crankarm length between 160mm and 175mm (160/175mm, 162.5/172.5mm, 165/170mm and 167.5mm pedal inserts).
  • Road option comes with low friction additive infused 1x narrow-wide chainring in 58/60/62/64T.
  • Track option comes with low friction additive infused 1/8” track chainring in 58/59/60/61/62/63/64/65/66T.
  • Stepped chainring design keeps the chain outer plates flush with the chainring to reduce air-flow separation.
  • Interchangeable spindle sizes.
  • Compatible with all frames that run BSA, ITA,BB30, PF30, BBRight, BB30a, PF30a, BB90, BB86, Evo386, T45, T47/68, T47/86 bottom brackets.

A full crankset consists of:

  • 1x drive-side and non-side arms
  • 1x drive-side dome cover
  • 1x spindle
  • 1x pair of pedal inserts and plates
  • 1x retention bolt and washer
  • 1x set of chainring bolts (male only)
  • 1x set of hardware
  • OPTIONAL 1x 6mm track or 1x chainring


Standard 4mm thick 58t or larger 144BCD 5 bolt chainrings can be used with the crank. If you want to explore this option please select "N/A" under chainring options. However it is optimal to have a Cratus specific chainring.

This crank is only compatible with 58T or larger chainrings and it is currently single ring only design. Chainrings can be ordered separately, see HERE. Please email


  • Drive-side crank and non-drive side arm: 685g
  • 30mm spindle: 244g
  • Pedal inserts including steel plates: 75g (per pair)
  • 66T chainring: 227g
  • SYSTEM WEIGHT: 1,004g (excluding chainring)


Custom spindles can be produced to accommodate nearly any bottom bracket/frame. Please email to discuss your requirements.