Speedplay Protection Plate


A pair of 0.15mm thick stainless steel protection plates to protect your Speedplay cleats from wear and tear. These protection plates are installed either between the cleat and your WattShop low stack adapter or between your cleat and the standard 3 bolt to 4 bolt conversion plate. You don't need our WattShop low stack adapters to be able to utilise these protection plates.

Supplied as a pair. Compatible only with the Speedplay Zero Aero cleats.

Product Description

The protection plates provide a hard wearing and durable layer between your low stack adapter, conversion plate or shoe sole. Each plate is 0.15mm thick so as to keep stack height at an absolute minimum and have 4 slotted holes to ensure maximum lateral adjustment range. The shape of the shim is perfectly matched to the shape of the adapter/conversion plate to allow complete load distribution without any overhang.