Number Saddle Mount
Number Saddle Mount

Number Saddle Mount

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Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK using SLS, our number saddle rail mounts provide a secure clamp and mount for your race number.

No need for those messy cable ties or adhesive tapes to attach the mount to the frame. The positioning of our mount places the number in an area of low pressure behind the rider where drag impacts are minimised.

The design incorporates a serrated interface between the number and the mount to ensure your race number does not move or slip from it's intended position. The large clamping area for the number keeps it straighter than conventional methods in high winds.
We chose to construct our saddle rail mounts via Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) because we feel it provides not only a higher quality of finish but significantly greater durability.


Supplied as a one piece mount with 2x M4 bolts.


  • 20g

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