Anemoi Extension Mount Plates

System: Dual Riser Stack
Reach: Short

Compatible only with our Anemoi aero extension system, the mount plate is an integral part of the system, ensuring the extensions compatibility with various base bars.

If you’ve had a change of position, change of base bar or if you’re swapping your extensions onto a different bike all together you may require a different mount plate to continue using your extensions with your desired reach.

The two plate sizes, short and long offer four different lengths. As the plates are two sided they can be flipped. I.E a "short" reach plate can be flipped and used to achieve a shorter reach. The plates can also be mounted as a narrow or wide mounting depending on your preferred arm rest width.


Product Description

Each plate is machined from aluminium 6082-T6, anodised black and slotted for micro reach adjustment. If the mount plates are to be used without the Anemoi extension system and you have a bolt up system then you will need our M5 or M6 barrel nuts. The barrel nuts are available as a separate item on the website. Please ensure you purchase these alongside the mount plates. Alternatively if you have a bolt down system you can continue to use your current bolts. Additional bolts can be supplied upon request, please include a comment in your order notes or email once you have placed an order.

The fitment range of each plate will be dependent upon your riser stack fore-aft bolt centres. To ensure you purchase the correct plate for your requirement we would recommend inputting your dimensions into our geometry tool, found on the Technical Resources page. The output will determine the plate required to match your positional requirement. Our dimension guide will help with understanding the requirement dimensions.

Please note for mono riser systems we supply a bracket rather than a plate. All orders for mono riser brackets are made to order, therefore please allow a 3-week lead time for dispatch. To place an order for a mono bracket please email

Technical Specifications


Short/Short Flipped: 131g (pair)
Long/Long Flipped: 153g (pair)

Customisation Options


Custom mount plates can be manufactured at an additional cost. Please get in touch if you wish to explore this option -