Anemoi Extension Conversion Spacers

Basebar: 3T Aduro

The seamless union of performance and style. Introducing our Conversion Spacers, meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with the superior performance of WattShop componentry, while enhancing the alignment of your riser stack lateral centers. Elevate your setup with enhanced adjustability and a streamlined aesthetic.

Designed to accommodate various basebars and riser stacks, our spacers are precision-matched to stock riser profiles for a visually cohesive integration of our premium components. With our Conversion Spacers, you can effortlessly install and enhance your Anemoi product lineup, including riser stack spacers, adjustable risers, and pole clamps. 

Product Description

Unlock the full potential of your cockpit with our Conversion Spacers – a must-have for any cyclist seeking peak performance and seamless integration. Here’s why you need them and how they optimise your setup:

INTEGRATION: Our Conversion Spacers are meticulously profile-matched to your existing riser stacks, ensuring a flawless interface without variable fore-aft centres or profile steps between different brand parts. Experience a clean integration that enhances the sleek appearance of your cockpit effortlessly.

OPTIMAL LATERAL STACK CENTRES: Say goodbye to inconsistent lateral centres! Differing brands offer differing lateral centres ranging from 100mm through to 140mm but often with no reasoning as to why. Our Conversion Spacers bring uniformity to lateral centres, with a standard dimension of 105mm. Our extensive research has shown that the majority of riders set up their armrest width between 180mm and 230mm. With each armrest measuring 100mm wide, this creates a centre-to-centre armrest measurement window of 80-130mm.
By aligning our Conversion Spacers at 105mm, we ensure that the extension poles are perfectly centred to the forearm. This alignment minimises flow disruption between the extension pole and forearm, optimising aerodynamic efficiency and rider comfort.

EXPANDED PRODUCT RANGE: Incorporating our Conversion Spacers will enable seamless integration of our Anemoi range of products. Customise your setup with riser stack spacers for adjustable stack height, and effortlessly install our adjustable risers and inline pole clamps, offering a wide range of angle adjustments from 10 to 30 degrees.
Note – the basebar-specific riser would provide a simpler and easier installation process but the universal adjustable riser is also compatible. Similarly, our universal pole clamps would also be compatible however the inline pole clamps provide better pole to forearm alignment.

For the perfect Minimoi cockpit setup, pair them with our slotted armrests and Minimoi poles. Plus, enjoy compatibility with the Anemoi extension system, allowing direct mounting of extensions without mount plates.

Additionally, thanks to controlled lateral centres, our Conversion Spacers enable the installation of our centralised BTA mount (Anemoi basebar/mono stack version) with ease, ensuring optimal positioning for your hydration system.

Crafted from high-grade aluminum 7075-T6 and anodised black, our Conversion Spacers combine durability with sleek aesthetics for a cockpit that's as tough as it is stylish.

Technical Specifications


3T Aduro = 58g (pair)
Giant Trinity = 58g (pair)
Trek SC = 66g (pair)

Customisation Options

We’re constantly adding to our available range so if you don't see the option for your basebar, reach out to us at, and our team will be happy to assist you in finding the ideal solution.

Custom options can be manufactured at an additional cost and lead time.