Anemoi Extension Computer Mount

Computer: Garmin
Size: Standard

Anemoi extension compatible computer mounts. Supplied as a three piece; mount to extension interface, 5mm spacer and computer mount + relevant hardware.

The 5mm spacer is not required but can be used to stand off the computer further from the left hand extension body. Additional 5mm spacers can be purchased separately.

      Product Description

      We offer the computer mount in two different heights; standard and +35mm. The standard option sits proud of the wrist kink and allows for easy computer engagement. The +35mm option increases the height of the mount to allow the computer to sit above the wrist. This may be preferred for riders with narrow handgrips whereby the computer needs to be moved clear of the wrists.

      With the +35mm option you my need to ensure UCI hand height compliance.


      Curved/interface spacer
      5mm spacer
      Computer mount (standard or +35mm)
      M4x18mm cap head bolt
      M4x22mm cap head bolt

      Technical Specifications


      Standard: 20g
      +35mm: 25g