Anemoi BTA Mount
Anemoi BTA Mount
Anemoi BTA Mount

Anemoi BTA Mount

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For triathletes and long distance TTers having quick and easy access to your water bottle is imperative.

Our BTA mount not only provides you will two different mounting options it's designed so you can still retain a narrow armrest position to help keep your frontal area as small as possible.

The majority of BTA mounts are positioned between your armrests meaning you have to widen your armrest position to cater for the bottle cage. Both our mounting solutions do not limit your armrest position; 200mm overall armrest width = no problem!

The plate attaches to the left hand extension body under the armrest, using a tower stack to lift the bottle mount up over your forearms where a bottle cage can be fitted ready to accept a standard water bottle.

Alternatively flip the mount over, again attach to the left hand extension body but now the bottle cage is out front underneath your extensions. There is no requirement for the tower stack in this second arrangement.

If you don't have the Anemoi extension system this BTA mount can still be used with any standard arm rest/riser/pole clamp combination due to the slotted mounting arrangement of the plate.


  • Bracket
  • Tower stack
  • 2x M4x16mm countersunk head bolts
  • 2x M5x14mm cap head bolts


  • Centrally above the rests: 110g (excluding bottle cage and bottle)
  • Out front underneath the extensions: 54g (excluding bottle cage and bottle)

Further fit and install information can be found here.