Aero Valve Cover

Rim: Clincher / Tubular

The cylindrical valve stem does not lend itself to aerodynamic performance but yet the majority of bikes have an exposed valve stem. The Anemoi aero valve cover creates a clean aerodynamic profile over the valve stem, reducing the drag coefficient of a valve stem from 1.0 to 0.3. A pair of Anemoi aero valve covers saves 0.7w at 45kph.

Please note item is for a singular valve cover, not a pair.


Product Description

Held in position with a grub screw in the trailing edge and supplied with 3mm self-adhesive foam which can be applied if your rim profile does not exactly match the profile of the cover.

Available in two profiles; clincher/tubular and tubeless. Both allow for 40mm long valve stems. Manufactured from SLS nylon.

The graph compares the aerodynamic drag on a valve stem and an Anemoi aero valve cover at 48kph throughout the full 360 degree rotation of a wheel.

Technical Specifications


Clincher = 8g
Tubeless = 9g

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