WattShop Aerodynamic Consultancy
WattShop Aerodynamic Consultancy

WattShop Aerodynamic Consultancy

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Budget limited? Unsure if you're position is quite right? Ever have those nagging aero questions you want answering? A conversation with Dan to answer all your aero related questions might just be what you want and need.

Our package offers a 30 minute phone call or Skype session with Dan to discuss any questions/queries you may have. From positional guidelines through testing protocols to equipment selection; you can pick our knowledge base. 

Sometimes an aero test session might be too much of an expense but speaking directly to a knowledgeable source is just what you need. Send through your photos and files, we'll analyse your position and data and discuss our recommendations with you.

How it works, once an aero consultancy session has been purchased you will be contacted to arrange a time suitable to you.

Any questions please contact us on info@shopforwatts.co.uk

NB, this in no way replaces the aero testing service we offer. An aero test session would still be recommended for those wanting to refine their position due to the individual nature of aerodynamics. This service is intended to offer recommendations/assistance with aerodynamics and equipment selection.

This service is for the public only. If you are part of an organisation looking for consultancy work please get in touch with us via email at info@shopforwatts.co.uk