3:Sixteen Calf Sleeves

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Bringing the WattShop coloured dazzle to the incredibly popular 3:Sixteen calf sleeves. Available only through WattShop these calf sleeves utilise the same technology as the Aero-bridge baselayer.

Developed at Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub and Derby Velodrome alongside the World's greatest engineers and riders.

The calf sleeves were first introduced to the sporting world during the Sub7 and Sub8 challenges, with the design and name 3:Sixteen a nod towards the 3-hour 16-minute bike leg that was achieved to help guide Joe Skipper to a sub 7-hour Ironman. The team comprised of some of the World's best time-trialists, including Alex Dowsett and the former UCI Hour Record and current British Hour Record holder Dan Bigham, who crushed the opposing team to deliver one of the most incredible time trials of all time.

Product Description

Athletes can now benefit from the watt saving technology found in the record-breaking Aero-Bridge baselayer. Compared to aero socks, the extra calf coverage provides even greater aerodynamic gains. Saving up to 12 watts, the calf sleeves are the best investment on the market, with the highest £/watt aero gain.


The Aero-Bridge technology works by stretching smooth fabric over ribbed fabric (raised ridges form a suspension of material like a suspension bridge) to disrupt the airflow by the ridge and then further alter it by the suspended fabric, causing minuscule air particles to enhance displacement of the boundary layer. Different ridges can be utilised for different speeds.

- Up to 12 watt saving.
- Designed for the Sub7 and Sub8 record-breaking challenges.
- Dan Bigham designed and enhanced.
- Precisely patterned to maximise aero gains.
- Aerodynamic materials.
- TT and track proven.

For sizing, measure the widest part of the calf.

Calf sleeves can be worn in triathlon competition under your wetsuit and for the duration of the event.

Not UCI legal.

Patent: EP3213911B1