Anemoi Basebar

Compatibility Guide & Technical Resources

The Anemoi basebar represents three years of dedicated development, delivering unparalleled aerodynamics and adjustability.

The evolution of bicycle cockpit design extends beyond just extensions; the basebar presents a significant opportunity to minimise total system drag. With the Anemoi basebar paired with our Anemoi Extension System, we proudly offer the most aerodynamic and adaptable front-end solution available.

Supplied to the top of the riser stack, the Anemoi basebar allows for seamless integration with either the Anemoi Extensions or the Minimoi cockpit. The Minimoi cockpit includes adjustable risers, pole clamps, carbon armrests, and Minimoi extensions, facilitating easy upgrades for current Anemoi & Minimoi users.

If you require the adjustable angle risers, extension clamps, extensions or arm rests, please purchase these separately.


Product Description


- Ultra narrow basebar width. Centre to centre measuring in at 320mm with an outside to outside dimension of 352mm.
- Aerodynamically optimised kammtail airfoil profile.
- Fully internal mechanical and electronic cable routing.
- 25mm of stem length adjustment without needing to recable.
- Short stem length 70-95mm, medium stem length 95-120mm and long stem length 120-145mm. All are interchangeable.
- Interlocking slotted riser stack spacers that allow you to adjust riser stack height without having to re-cable.
- Seamless mounting to either the Anemoi or Minimoi extension systems.
- Interchangeable cable covers to suit standard steerers and integrated headtube steerers.
- Detachable carbon "wings" for easy travel, post-crash replacement and future wing upgrades.
- 22.2mm diameter grips to allow for standard brake levers, both rim and disc brake.
- Standard 1 1/8" (28.6mm) steerer diameter.
- Entirely UK designed, optimised and manufactured.
- Surpassed ISO standard 4210-5:2014
- UCI compliant.

A full system comprises of:

- 1x pair of carbon wings
- 1x front stem
- 1x front stem middle bolt cap cover
- 1x rear stem (short or medium)
- 1x rear stem cover cap (standard or integrated, both included)
- 1x steerer cap
- 1x stem spacer set (2x 10mm and 1x 5mm)
- 1x riser stack spacer set (20x 5mm spacers = 50mm per side)

If you want to know more about the adjustment range the base offers please check out our Adjustment & Customisation blog.


If you are not using the Anemoi Extension System, you can determine your stem based on stem length as a standard cockpit will retain fore-aft adjustment with the poles/pole clamp however however you may still find the geometry tool useful for dialling in your optimised setup.

If you are using the Anemoi extension system please download our dimension guide before inputting those dimensions into our geometry tool. The output of this will tell you the components needed for your specific set up and relevant fit information. Using the geometry tool will allow you to remove the need for the mount plates so you can directly mount to the riser stack.

Once you have decided on your setup you can select the relevant component options from the selection boxes, answering one box will unlock the next round of selection boxes. If you need some assistance, please email us

Technical Specifications


PASSED - Fatigue Test. Out-of-phase and in-phase loading.
Out-of-phase; 100,000 cycles of 325N (33.1kg per side) at the basebar grips. In-phase; 100,000 cycles of 400N (40.7kg per side) at the basebar grips.
Tested in accordance to ISO 4210-5:2014.

PASSED - Static Test (maximum load single sided). Maximum 1,100N (112kg to one side of the basebar) at the basebar grip.
Tested in accordance to ISO 4210-5:2014.

PASSED - Static Test (maximum and overload both sided). Maximum 1,200N (122kg across both sides of the basebar) and overload of 1,450N (147kg across both sides of the basebar) at the basebar grips
Tested in accordance to ISO 4210-5:2014.


Utilising the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub wind tunnel, we tested the Anemoi Basebar against the Dare basebar, the PRO Missile Evo and the 3T Aduro. All set ups utilised the Anemoi extension system with the extensions set at 20 degrees. The reach and stack of the set up was kept the same across all test runs and an independent test rider was supplied by SSEH.

Results from our SSEH wind tunnel tests are presented in the graphs. There are four graphs; weighted CdA across various wind conditions, CdA plot from 0-15 degrees of yaw, wattage delta and seconds saved per km, all at 50km/h. For further graphs and data at 40km/h and 60km/h check out our Optimisation & Testing blog. If you would like any further information or data from the test, please get in touch.


Carbon wings: 248g (pair)
Front stem: 321g
Rear stem: 175g (short with cover cap included)
Rear stem: 250g (medium with cover cap included)
Stem spacers: 12g (per 5mm spacer)
Riser stack spacer: 18g (per 5mm spacer pair)
SYSTEM WEIGHT: 744g (short stem + no stem spacers and no riser stack spacers)


Customisation Options


Custom rear stems and cover caps can be manufactured at an additional cost. Please get in touch if you wish to explore these options -