Anemoi Mk2 Extension Handgrips

Shifter: Shimano R9160 / Shimano SW671 / SRAM Clics

Anemoi Mk2 extension handgrips are available in different styles to suit different shifters with different requirements.

We've taken our industry first interchangeable handgrip design, developing the concept further with a two-piece handgrip design. With the movement towards using satellite shifters such as Shimano R9150 and SRAM wireless Blips becoming more commonplace, it has provided a platform for ergonomic shifter designs with integrated shifters. More often than not the shifter itself is an after thought. Ever found it positioned between fingers? Or generally in an awkward place to press? 

Our two-piece shifter design is comprised of an inner piece that houses the shifter button. With the ergonomically designed outer sliding over the top of the inner piece. Such a design allows us to increase the shifter contact area. Never miss a shift with an increased contact area.

Not forgetting about traditional standard pole shifters, we have reshaped the handgrip, achieving a cross between the needs of the shifter and an ergonomic design which results in an increased surface area and a more comfortable and natural feel in your palms.

Manufactured in the UK by Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) printing, ensuring a strong and lightweight construction.

For riders competing under UCI regulations, we recommend first reading the compliance document found in the Build Guide.

Please note, this product is not compatible with the Anemoi Mk1 Extension System.

Product Description


Available in two different styles; STANDARD POLE and STANDARD POLE (LONG). The standard pole handgrips mirror traditional round extension poles.

The prior was designed specifically for use by riders competing under UCI regulations who want to maximise their extension angle. Please note with your shifter installed you may need to trim the handgrip to ensure UCI compliance. Please refer to our UCI hand height compliance document.

With the latter, we've designed a longer version for riders competing under non-UCI regulated events.

Handgrips have an inboard offset and inward tilt.


A two-piece design. The inner piece houses the shifter button whilst the outer piece offers an ergonomic design with a larger contact area for shifting.

This design reduces the chances of a missed shift. Additional features of the handgrip include an inboard offset, inward tilt, finger grooves to leading and inside faces and the chainlink logo embossed onto the top surface for a stylish finish.

The handgrip design itself was designed around maximising hand heights within the different UCI categories. Please refer to our UCI hand height document to understand how this would work for you.


Packed full of the same features as the ergo handgrip for the Shimano and SRAM satellite shifters but without the need for the two-piece design that houses the shifter buttons.

Technical Specifications


Standard Pole: 94g (pair)
Standard Pole (long): 122g (pair)
Shimano R9150: 95g (pair)
SRAM Wired Blips: 95g (pair)
SRAM Wireless Blip: 95g (pair)
Track: 128g (pair)

Customisation Options


Custom handgrips can be manufactured at an additional cost. Please get in touch if you wish to explore these options -