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WattShop are excited to announce our partnership with Uno X Pro Cycling. Uno X are a Pro Continental team that have recently announced plans to step up to World Tour level alongside the development of a women’s World Tour team.

The technical partnership will see Uno-X run the Anemoi extension system for 2021 with an expanded range of products in 2022 and beyond. Overseen by Danish Performance Engineer Casper von Folsach the team has already begun to optimise every aspect of their performance.

“When looking to improve our time trial performance the first thing I look at is to improve the riders position on the bike. Here the extensions, in my opinion, are the most important component. With the Anemoi system we find the riders can achieve a more aerodynamic position and allows them to sustain this position for longer. Comfort in your TT position is often overlooked, and the many adjustments possibilities can both improve this aspect while simultaneously lower your CdA” - Casper von Folsach.

The team has already started using the Anemoi system this past week at National TTs, Søren Wærenskjold placing 2nd at the Norwegian Nationals and three riders placing in the top 11 at Danish Nationals.

“We’re hugely excited to be working hand in hand with such a forward thinking team who’s philosophy aligns with ours here at WattShop. With some strong results already this season we can’t wait to see what the team can achieve particularly against the clock. The relationship is another reflection of WattShop’s continued growth and presence on the World stage” - Grant Bigham, Director, WattShop.




Image Credits: WordUp Projects

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