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Optimising handgrip selection within the UCI regulations
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Optimising handgrip selection within the UCI regulations

For 2023, the UCI introduced new regulations providing increased front end set up potential, specifically for those riders taller than 1.8m. Whilst the new regulations remain far from perfect, the revisions are a step in the right direction to providing a fairer, more level playing field where reach and hand height are linearly connected.

For the sake of clarity in this blog, hand height refers to the dimension measured vertically from the mid-point of the armrest to the extension tip.

For more information on the new regulations, we have a detailed breakdown over on the Technical Resources page on our website but to keep it short, there are now three different categories determining reach and hand height depending on rider height.

The new regulations have increased the set up options and one of the most common questions we get asked is; what hand height will I be looking at with this handgrip or that handgrip?

We have various different handgrip options that suit different requirements. Depending on your riser angle will shift your hand height. The Anemoi Aero Extensions were originally designed for optimal performance at 15 degrees (or 20 with the 5-degree reverse wedge) with a 10cm hand height; a very controlled set of parameters. With the ability to now increase your arm rest angle to 30 degrees and the various 10/12/14cm categories, there is an increase in options. Below are a set of diagrams ranging from 10 degrees through to 30 degrees at 5-degree increments. Each diagram shows our four handgrip styles, standard pole (green), ergo (pink), mini ergo (yellow), hooked (blue) and the angle to hand height relationship. Please note, with the standard pole you will need to consider your shifter in the vertical measurement but you can cut the pole to length.

The beauty of our industry first, interchangeable handgrip design is that we are able to fully cater to custom requirements. A 75mm long standard pole? No problem. A mini ergo with integrated satellite shifter? We can help. A customised handgrip design for para-racing? We’re your people. We understand every rider is different, each with their own preference and thoughts on perfect ergonomics. With this in mind, if our standard range does not provide a design that suits you, please get in touch via the website or at and we’ll be happy to help.

We are constantly refining and adding to our range, whether that’s to suit new to market shifters or rider and data driven from testing.

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