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Anemoi Mk2 Extension System - Adjustability and Componentry Upgrades
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Anemoi Mk2 Extension System - Adjustability and Componentry Upgrades

Since its inception, the Anemoi Extension System has stood out as the leader in customisable and modular cockpit solutions. In the intricate world of aerodynamics, there is no universal formula for rider position, and the TT cockpit is no exception. While the Anemoi Mk1 System prides itself on its micro-adjustment capabilities, we understand that evolving regulations and shifting customer demands necessitate continual improvement. For this reason, components such as the Adjustable Angled Riser, Handgrips, and Anemoi Carbon Armrests have all evolved in response to user feedback and changing needs.

With the introduction of the Anemoi Mk2 System, we're taking system upgrades to the next level, rolling out a complete range of new components designed to assist customers in finding and maintaining their optimal riding position and reaping those aero gains.


Component Upgrades


One of our pioneering achievements in the market was introducing interchangeable handgrips, setting a trend that others later followed. However, our innovation hasn’t stopped there. Our latest two-piece design, consisting of an inner and outer component, was driven by a specific goal: to maximise shifter contact area, enabling the rider to use any finger to shift..

We understand that every rider is unique, which is why creating a larger contact area was a priority. This enhancement ensures that shifting is effortless, whether you prefer using your index finger, little finger, or a full palm squeeze. With our design, there are no strained or awkward shifts whilst trying to locate the shifter button. It's a seamless experience tailored to cater to the diverse needs of all cyclists. 

For the Standard Pole and Standard Pole (long) handgrips (suitable for triathletes), compatibility extends to a range of shifters, including Shimano R9160, Shimano SW671, and SRAM Clics.

Meanwhile, our Ergo handgrips are tailored to seamlessly integrate with Shimano R9150, SRAM wireless and wired Blips, and Track shifters, as well as Di2 sprint shifters and eTap Blips and Clics.

This meticulous compatibility ensures riders can easily integrate our handgrips into their preferred setup without compromise. Customers who need to stay within the UCI framework should consult our Build Guide to check measurements.

Fixed Angled Risers


Our latest innovation, the Fixed Angled Riser, marks an exciting addition to our product line-up. Having long championed the Adjustable Riser, our decision to introduce a fixed option may raise some eyebrows. However, our focus on enhancing aerodynamics led us to prioritise cleaner integration, resulting in the Fixed Angled Risers.

The recommendation is to first optimise position, after which the equipment can be fine-tuned through integrated and interchangeable componentry. For riders who already know their optimal extension angle or wish to maximise their position within the UCI regulations, the fixed riser is available in 5º increments from 10 to 30º. Offering a seamlessly integrated alternative to the Adjustable Angled Riser, by seamlessly bridging the gap between the extension and riser stack, our Fixed Angled Riser eliminates an area of turbulence, which in turn reduces drag and increases aerodynamic efficiency.

Conversion Spacers (Dual Riser System)

We often receive inquiries about the compatibility of the Anemoi Extension System with various basebars. While our products offer a wide range of compatibility, there are situations where riders are looking for a fully-integrated solution. We acknowledge clean integration can often improve aerodynamic efficiency and our Conversion Spacers do just that by presenting an integrated, clean solution specific to certain basebars.

Retaining compatibility with our WattShop range, including popular products such as the Adjustable Angled Riser and Riser Stack Spacers, we have introduced optimised lateral centres. Our Conversion Spacers convert existing lateral centres to 105mm. Why 105mm? Our research indicates that this dimension aligns extensions precisely with the forearm, minimising flow disruption and enhancing aerodynamic efficiency and rider comfort.

Currently, our Conversion Spacers (also compatible with the Minimoi Cockpit) are available for the Trek SC, Giant Trinity, and 3T Aduro, with plans for rapid expansion in the coming months. This expansion will offer seamless integration between the Mk2 system and various basebars, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance across a wider range of setups.

Mono Brackets (Mono Riser System)

Designed specifically for use with numerous Mono Riser Systems, such as the Cervelo P5, Shiv Tri and Argon 19 E119 Tri+, the Mono Bracket transforms the existing mono riser stack into a dual riser system with 105mm lateral centres, providing a flat top riser stack suitable for mounting the Anemoi Extension System. This is an ever-expanding collection that has recently seen the addition of the Factor Hanzo mono bracket. A comprehensive list of Mono Riser Systems that are compatible with the Mk2 System can be found on the product’s page.

Computer Mount

Introducing toe adjustment, our latest computer mount innovation allows you to align your Garmin or Wahoo to the centreline of the bike, irrespective of the extension toe angle. This feature is compatible with the Standard and Mount Plate build options where lateral centres are uncontrolled. Where the lateral centres are controlled, specifically with the Anemoi basebar, Conversion kit or Bracket build options, a cross brace mount is supplied. This centralises the head unit and creates a sturdy bridge between extensions, ensuring optimal stability and functionality for your set up.

Enhanced Adjustability

Pucks (Toe adjustment)

The introduction of 35mm reach adjustment from the extension body necessitated a redesign of the extension toe adjustment, prompting the development of the pucks. Each extension is equipped with two pucks, offering up to 10º of toe adjustment. Pucks can also be utilised to achieve 2.5mm of either inboard or outboard lateral width adjustment.

Mount Plates

A standard feature of the Anemoi Mk1 extensions, the Mount Plates have seamlessly integrated into the Anemoi Mk2 System componentry. The Mount Plates continue to provide an unrivalled adjustment window for reach and width, catering to the needs of both time trialists and triathletes.

With the introduction of the new build options, we've streamlined the order process. For riders in need of the mount plates, both plate sizes are now included as standard. This guarantees that riders have the flexibility to tailor their setup to their individual preferences and requirements, whether they prefer a compact or extended riding position.

Reach Adjustment

With the arrival of the Anemoi Mk2 Extension System, our dedication to adjustability continues. A significant enhancement in the Mk2 system is the addition of a greater reach adjustment window; 35mm in reach adjustment is now accessible from the extension body itself. This optimisation provides riders with even greater flexibility to fine-tune their setup according to their preferences.

For detailed guidance on maximising reach fitment for each of the Anemoi Mk2’s mounting options, please head to our Build Guide. These guides contain exhaustive adjustment windows including information regarding UCI regulations.

Build Guides

With abundant customisation options available for the Anemoi Mk2 System, we recognised the need to streamline the ordering process for riders. The various solutions have now been packaged into different build options:

Dual Riser System

  • Standard Build
  • Anemoi Basebar
  • Conversion Kit
  • Mount Plate

Mono Riser System

  • Bracket

The components supplied are contingent on the selected build. For detailed guidance on selecting the correct build to suit your needs, along with information on the relevant adjustment windows for each, please refer to our Build Guide.

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