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Anemoi Aero Extension System - Adjustment & Customisation
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Anemoi Aero Extension System - Adjustment & Customisation

The Anemoi aero extensions are the fifth generation of aero extensions WattShop have developed. Through these development cycles we have learnt how to make a fast extension that can also be personalised to each individual rider. The aerodynamics of equipment in isolation are important but they are dwarfed by the improvements that can be made by adjusting, tweaking, and tuning the rider’s position. To this end, we have focused on ensuring the Anemoi aero extensions offer the widest range of adjustability possible, without compromising on performance. Let’s go through the full range of adjustment that the Anemoi aero extensions offer.

Creating the Adjustment Window

To start with, we used our expansive fit database to gain a complete cross-section of the range we needed to offer. We used this for each of our adjustment ranges, but the clearest one to demonstrate is lateral and longitudinal adjustment. The graph below shows lateral and longitudinal offsets from the rear extension riser bolt to the rear mount bolt of our extensions for a range of riders. This effectively creates a “fit window”; a space of adjustment that we need to accommodate for to ensure riders can get the Anemoi aero extensions to their required length and width. We wanted to get >80% of our database within this window. Anyone who sits outside of this will require a custom mount plate.
Utilising this step in the design process has ensured we can fit as many positions as possible with "off the shelf" componentry. For the vast majority of riders this means no need for time consuming custom componentry, just order off the WattShop website and receive the exact parts required for your position. Simple!

Extension Angle

Angled Adjustment

Extension angle adjustment is incredibly simple on the Anemoi aero extension. Simply change out the angled riser to one of the five options, 5 degree to 25 degree in 5-degree increments. Custom riser angles are available at an additional cost.
Angle WattShop Anemoi Height (mm) Angle Standard Ski Bend Height (mm)
5 114 30 Low Rise 79
10 142 50 Low Rise 116
15 169 30 High Rise 139
20 195 40 High Rise 182
25 220 50 High Rise 223
Measurements taken from the top of the riser stack, before the extension clamp (standard extensions) or before the mount plate (WattShop Anemoi extensions), to the extension tip.

Extension Length

Length Adjustment

Length adjustment is through changing or flipping one of three mount plate options, each giving 20mm of length adjustment. Custom plate options are available at an additional cost.

Each mount plate can fit risers with a bolt spacing of between 15mm and 40mm, effectively fitting nearly every riser on the market. Whether they are M5 or M6 thread, we have this accounted for too. The extensions are supplied with M5 and M6 barrel nuts for “bolt up” riser stacks. For “bolt down” riser stacks you can continue to use your current bolts.

Extension Width

Width Adjustment

The mount plates can also be flipped laterally to give either a wider or narrower extension width by 35mm, ensuring that the aero extension aligns with your arm and not just your riser stack.

Mono Riser Mount Plates

Mono Mount

Mono riser stacks are becoming more popular and commonplace on TT bikes, and we have considered these options too. The mono riser bracket fits bolt spacing of between 25mm and 42mm, and fit M5 or M6. The lengths available are the same as the standard mount plates: XS/S/M/L/XL, each giving a 20mm step increase of reach. All mono mount plates can include integrated Shimano Di2 and SRAM eTap cable routing. They can be UCI legal if required, or completely bespoke such as replacing the Trek Speed Concept mono riser directly. Lead time for bespoke options is 3-4 weeks from order being placed.

Arm Rest Profile

Arm Rest Adjustment

Each arm rest has 35mm of lateral adjustment, +/-17.5mm from the centre position, allowing you to truly dial in your arm rest width. When ordering you can select either single or dual sided high support arm rests.

Toe In & Toe Out

Toe In Adjustment

To ensure you can get your hand grip position set just right, the Anemoi aero extension offers +/- 5 degree of toe adjustment, allowing you to bring your extension tips closer together or further apart.

Interchangeable Hand Grips

Interchangeable Hand Grips

Ergonomics and confidence in the extensions are key to holding a stable and consistent aero position. We have designed a range of interchangeable hand grip profiles to allow you to fine tune your hand position without having to change out your extensions. Our 22.2mm round grips are currently available in 50 degree straight, 30 degree straight and 50 degree tilted. These fit all mechanical and electronic gear shifters and can be cut to length. Our Anemoi Ergo grips are available in four different styles: track, Shimano Di2 SW-R9150, SRAM eTap blip single and SRAM eTap blip double. They offer a much larger contact area that is designed to fit all hand shapes and don’t force those with smaller or larger fingers into unnatural finger cut-outs. Custom hand grip angles and profiles will be available soon.

Multiple Cable Routes & Junction Box Storage

Cable Routing
Time trial bikes continue to evolve, and cable routing is getting increasingly complex and varied across the entire market. To ensure that you can cable cleanly and easily we have focused on creating unobstructed cable paths. This along with two cable exit points from each extension makes cabling super simple:
  1. Set up your hand grip with the shifter
  2. Thread the cable down the unobstructed extension
  3. Access the cable through the 32mm x 71mm access hole under the arm rest
  4. Route the cable down through the riser or out of the rear of the extension
The Anemoi aero extensions also boast a large enough internal volume to fit a Shimano Di2 5-port junction box.

Computer Mounts

Computer Mounts

Aerodynamic and stiff computer mount options are available for Garmin and Wahoo. SRM is available soon, along with a raised computer mount to bring your computer above your forearm.

Future Developments

The relentless pursuit of speed continues, and we will not stand still. We have a range of new components in the pipeline for the Anemoi aero extensions to broaden their adjustability and customisation.
First up are a wider range of hand grip profiles and angles, including our incredibly popular finger hooks to help you maximise your hand height within the UCI regulations. In combination with the finger hook, we will also be launching a 5-degree reverse wedge to fit under the arm rest. When used with the 20-degree riser wedge, this legalises the arm rest angle under UCI regulations whilst taking advantage of the additional height the finger hook provides.
For those who would like the place their bike computer above their forearms, we will be releasing a high-rise computer mount option. This works well for those with a narrow forearm position who feel that a computer between their arms is uncomfortable.
We know that everyone wants their bike to look trick, we feel the same! To this end we will soon be offering a range of colours for the extension graphics, as well as the option to have custom coloured graphics.
If there is something you would like to see, please get in contact, and let us know. We always love developing new ideas and solutions to the problems people face.

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