UCI Legality Tool


One tool to rule them all...no need to set your bike in a jig, no maths to check lengths and heights and no angle gauges to check armrest angles. This single tool will offer you the ability to check your armrest angle, your armrest length, your hand height and extension lengths ensuring UCI compliance.

Manufactured from 6082-T6 alloy, anodised pink and laser etched with markings. Providing that extra detail are our custom thumb turn screws that have been knurled and laser etched.

Product Description

The tool is a 3-piece design. With your bike positioned on a flat surface bolt together the tool with the thumb turn screws. Setting the horizontal piece at your required UCI category and the half circle piece keep loose so it can freely rotate. At all times keep the spirit level horizontal or your measurements will not be accurate.

The vertical part aligns with with the mid-point of your armrest, with this in position the half circle part will sit onto your armrest, tightening the thumb turn in position will then lock in the armrest angle. The same part will also check your armrest length; the inner diameter is the minimum length and the outer diameter the maximum length.

With the horizontal piece locked at your required category this will check your hand height compliance with the 10/12/14cm regulation.

The tool will also ensure you meet the minimum distance of 180mm from leading edge of your armrest to the extension tip. Moving the vertical piece to the front edge of the armrest the slider on the horizontal part can be aligned with your extension tip to check distance.