Cratus Threaded Track Sprocket

Size: 13

The Cratus threaded track sprocket is the result of exhaustive research into tooth profiles, materials, and finishes, delivering a boost in drivetrain efficiency surpassing even the highest-performing competitors.

Refusing to settle for conventional sprocket designs, we've innovatively integrated the stepped tooth profile from our exclusive Cratus crank chainrings into our threaded sprocket lineup. This unique design feature reduces aerodynamic flow separation off the chain's outer plates by aligning them precisely with the sprocket, ensuring optimal performance.

Designed for use with a standard 1/8" chain.

Product Description

Crafted from polished AISI4130 steel, our sprockets boast enhanced material hardness, effectively reducing friction and wear whilst optimising drivetrain efficiency.

Each sprocket is laser-etched with precise sizing and chain compatibility details, complemented by a coloured infill for easy identification of sprocket size. This addition not only enhances functionality but also maintains the high-quality aesthetic synonymous with WattShop products.

Furthermore, as steel sprockets, they come pre-oiled to safeguard against rust, ensuring longevity and performance. We recommend storing in a dry environment or keeping the sprocket oiled to keep the surface clear.

Technical Specifications


- Manufactured from AISI4130 steel.
- Optimised tooth profile for maximal drivetrain efficiency.
- Standard threaded installation.
- A stepped tooth to sprocket profile reduces aerodynamic flow separation off the chain outer plates.
- A coloured infill for easy identification of sprocket size.