Cratus Crank Pedal Inserts

Pedal Insert: 145/160mm & 160/175mm

Cratus crank specific pedal inserts.

These inserts can be used in conjunction with both our short and long armed Cratus cranks. Depending on the crank arm adjustment window will depend on the length the pedal insert offers. For example the "152.5mm & 167.5mm" pedal inserts offers a crank arm length of 167.5mm when used with the long arm crank but when used with the short arm crank offers a crank arm length of 152.5mm.

    Product Description

    The inserts are manufactured for 7075-T6 aluminium whilst the retaining plates are manufactured from 4340 steel.

    Four different pedal insert sizes cover a range of crank arm lengths from 145mm through to 165mm and 160mm through to 175mm at 2.5mm increments depending on the crank size. The inserts are multi-directional depending on which crank arm length you are looking to achieve.

    Each pair has handed thread and comes supplied with a pair of steel retaining plates.


    - 145/160mm & 160mm/175mm
    - 147.5/157.5mm & 162.5mm/172.5mm
    - 150/160mm & 165mm/170mm
    - 157.5mm& 167.5mm

    Technical Specifications


    Pair including steel plates: 75g