Cratus Crank 1x Chainrings

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Size: 58T


You'll no doubt have seen alloy chainrings, carbon-fibre chainrings and probably even coated chainrings, all looking to reduce surface friction and therefore increase drivetrain efficiency. We have gone back to the base materials used to produce a carbon-fibre chainring and researched how we can improve these to reduce friction, increase durability and make you faster. Working alongside a British carbon-fibre cloth manufacturer, we have produced our own material infused with a nano-scale friction modifier.

Our own inhouse testing throughout the development process showed an optimal level of friction modifier, resulting in an increase of 0.5% in drivetrain efficiency when compared with a standard carbon-fibre chainring.

This ultra-high performing chainring was recently utilised by our very own Dan Bigham when setting the new British Individual Pursuit National Record and picking up the gold medal with a 4.02.775, becoming the third fastest pursuiter in history!

Product Description

But what exactly is our additive infused chainring? Our nano-scale low friction additive is infused into the epoxy matrix and carbon fibre cloth during production, prior to being laid up by hand, cured, machined and polished at our UK-based factory. A biaxial carbon fibre cloth was chosen due to its suitability to high performance applications with increased strength and lower weight. The biaxial core is sandwiched between two layers of 2x2 twill plies to create a 6mm plate with the high-level finish you would expect from a WattShop product.

Not only is there a significant reduction in surface friction and increase in durability, but the improvement will last for the lifetime of the product, never wearing away like a coating. With the WattShop Cratus chainrings the low friction performance will remain, ride after ride, PB after PB.

Technical Specifications

Each chainring is 6mm thick with track standard 144BCD 5 bolt and circular cut out. A recessed outer face ensures a clean interface with the Cratus crank.

A stepped tooth to chainring profile reduces aerodynamic flow separation off the chain outer plates.