Computer Saddle Mount

Computer: Garmin

Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK using SLS, our computer saddle rail mounts provide a secure clamp and mount for your Garmin or Wahoo bicycle computer. The geometry of this mount has been optimised to hide your bike computer as tightly under the saddle as possible. This negates the aerodynamic impact of collecting your precious data.

    Product Description

    We chose to construct our saddle rail mounts via Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) because it provides not only a higher quality of finish, but significantly greater durability. It is our hope that you can mount your bike computer and never have to worry about it again.

    Why behind the saddle? The saddle rail mounts are designed for track riders. As stipulated by the UCI:
    "Riders may carry no object on them or on their bicycles that could drop onto the track. They may not bear or use on the track any music player or radio communication system. In addition, any electronic device with display must be hidden so that it cannot be read by the riders."

    The central single quarter turn mount differs between Garmin and Wahoo, keeping the computer positioned optimally.


    Supplied as a two piece mount with 2x M5 bolts and 2x M5 nyloc nuts.

    Technical Specifications