Anemoi Extension Reverse Wedge

Wedge Angle: 10 Degree

Reverse wedges are compatible only with our Anemoi aero extension system and applicable for riders racing under UCI regulations. Reversing the arm rest angle by either 5 or 10 degrees allows you to increase the extension angle to 20 or 25 degrees to achieve a higher hand position whilst still complying with the UCI 15 degree arm rest angle regulation.

Please note your 10cm measurement will be affected so you may need to trim down the handgrip to ensure compliance. For track riders our latest track ergo and mini ergo handgrips will keep you compliant with the 10cm regulation at a 20 or 25 degree extension angle.

    Product Description

    The reverse wedges are a printed MJF part. The 10 degree reverse wedges utilise brass inserts to ensure all bolts are installed square.

    Technical Specifications


    5 Degree Reverse Wedge: 37g (pair)
    10 Degree Reverse Wedge: 60g (pair)