Aero-Bridge Half Sleeve Base Layer

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The original Aero-Bridge baselayer. Developed at the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub and Derby Velodrome alongside the World's greatest engineers and riders.

A dynamic baselayer designed to be worn with any smooth sleeve skinsuit, road speedsuit or tri speedsuit. The baselayer lit up the Olympic Games and caused nations to stop and ask why they hadn't thought of it. It is so effective everybody wants it! But the fastest secret is now commercially available and at a price not just for rich cycling nations.

Product Description

Developed to create a unique surface reaction disrupting the body's boundary layer, the Aero-Bridge baselayer delivers the most effective solution for significant speed gains. Utilising HUUB's patented 'Aero-Bridge' technology,.

The baselayer creates dynamic surface reactions to trip the boundary layer of air flowing over the cylinders of the body (biceps & forearms). The result is significant aerodynamic savings, even greater than traditional textured fabrics. 

The Aero-Bridge technology works by stretching smooth fabric over ribbed fabric (raised ridges form a suspension of material like a suspension bridge) to disrupt the airflow by the ridge and then further alter it by the suspended fabric, causing minuscule air particles to enhance displacement of the boundary layer. Different ridges can be utilised for different speeds.

The marriage allows the baselayer to deliver the secret that's been helping nations, individuals and record holders attain their very best.

- Lightweight Italian fabrics.
- Breathable body fabrics.
- Full arm coverage.
- Tried, tested and medal-delivered technology.
- Exhaustingly tested in the wind tunnel.
- For speeds of 45-55kph
- The Aero-Bridge baselayer works with smooth sleeve skinsuits such as the HUUB Aero Skinsuit.

Patent: EP3213911B1