Remote Aerotesting


In partnership with AeroTune

Velodrome testing is ideal for an athlete looking to make position and/or major equipment changes, but it isn't always possible to meet in-person with our analysts.

This package is designed for the rider with access to an indoor or outdoor velodrome. We will guide you through the necessary steps before, during and after the velodrome to ensure your data is of the highest possible quality, your test protocol is optimised and the changes you make are time-effective and worthwhile.

It does not include the track booking fee, nor does it provide insurance for your track session.


Product Description

What's Included:

• A pre-aerotest video consultation to discuss the best testing protocol and recommendations for positional changes that should be considered.

• Access to the "Velodrome Mode" on the Aerotune platform for one month plus instruction on how to use it.

• Live follow-up of your results in real time to ensure data quality and feedback on results (limited to the first hour of an aerotest - additional time can be added).

• Post-test discussion of results and recommendations for further testing

Technical Specifications

You will need:
• Access to a velodrome (indoor or outdoor)
• An ANT+ speed sensor
• A Garmin 500 or 800 - series computer
• A Powermeter

If using an outdoor velodrome, it is recommended to discuss with us the limitations and maximum wind speed to get reliable data.