Anemoi Mk2 Extension Computer Mount

Computer: Garmin
Mount: Single

Anemoi Mk2 extension compatible computer mounts. Available in two interface options to suit your Anemoi build.

Please note that these are not compatible with our Minimoi extensions or any other extension system.

GoPro/light attachments are available separately.

Please note, this product is not compatible with the Anemoi Mk1 Extension System.

      Product Description

      For the Standard and Mount Plate build options you will require the single mount.

      This computer mount attaches to the threaded hole on the inside face of your left hand extension. With the above mentioned builds the lateral centres are variable so to achieve a centralised computer mount we have provided a 5mm spacer but additional 5mm spacer packs can be purchased separately.
      The toe adjustment spacer allows up to 5 degrees of toe adjustment so you can rotate the head unit aligning it with the centreline of the bike.

      For the Anemoi Basebar and Conversion Kit build options you will require the crossbrace mount.

      This computer mount attaches to the threaded holes on the inside faces of your left and right extensions. The above mentioned builds have controlled lateral centres which allow a cross brace mounting, which in turn provides you with a centralised computer mount.


      Single Mount
      - 5mm interface spacer
      - Toe adjustment spacer
      - Computer mount
      - Hardware (TBC)

      Crossbrace Mount
      - Computer mount
      - Hardware (TBC)

      Technical Specifications


      Single mount: 18g
      Crossbrace mount: 22g