Zero Aero Stainless Pedals w/ Walkable Cleats

Zero Aero Stainless Pedals w/ Walkable Cleats

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  • Super Aerodynamic
  • Walkable Cleats
  • Micro Adjustable or Fixed Float Position
  • Extremely low stack height
  • Unbeatable cornering clearance

The most aerodynamic pedal system! As its name suggests, Speedplay’s Zero Aero Pedal System is designed to increase speed by slashing wind resistance. With a tiny frontal area, a dimpled surface, and a streamlined profile, the Zero Aero is the ultimate aerodynamic pedal system.

Every aspect of its design has been painstakingly tailored to boost speed by minimizing wind drag. Developed specifically for Time Trials and Triathlons where every second counts, the Zero Aero Pedal System provides more speed with the same power – that's why we call it free speed!

Due to its aerodynamic advantage, the Zero Aero Pedal System was chosen by Bradley Wiggins to set the UCI World Hour Record of 54.526 km on June 7, 2015, at the Lee Valley Olympic Velodrome in London. The average speed of the historic ride was 33.88 mph. Considered the holy grail of cycling achievements, the Hour Record is an honor earned by the cyclist who covers the greatest distance in kilometers in one hour.


The Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Track Sprint Pedals are perfect for riders putting out high power such track racers and sprinters and want more performance and stiffness from their pedals.

The extra-stiff release tension minimises the risk of unclipping during high-intensity riding and due to the aerodynamic design, these pedals have been proven to increase rider speed by greatly reducing wind resistance and minimising wind drag.