WattShop Short Sleeve Jersey

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Sex: Womens
Size: Medium
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The rainbow dazzle short sleeve jersey is a further development of our continued relationship with HUUB. Taking inspiration from the abstract shapes and stripes of dazzle camouflage that was intended to confuse and hide design secrets of the object but with the added vibrancy of the colours of the rainbow.

HUUB performance fitted jersey is designed for all shapes and sizes. The 4-way stretch fabrics fit your body's contours keeping the jersey aerodynamic and comfortable even on the longest of training rides. Our jersey meets all your needs for every ride with breathable features and sweat-wicking lightweight fabrics.

Product Description


- Full-length HUUB Cam Lock zipper.
- Lightweight breathable mesh underarm panels.
- Three reflective piped pocket design.
- Bonded sleeves for improved comfort.
- Arms Neutral™ set sleeves.
- Four-way stretch fabrics to fit all body types.
- Reflective UK style left side zip pocket.
- Silicone waist gripper holds the jersey in place.

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