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SPEED//SEEKA is a dedicated time trial and triathlon cycling display.

SPEED//SEEKA provides your data to you in the most aerodynamic and most digestible format on the market by utilising a lighting system to indicate when your power is on target. The display is pulsed to save battery life and increase visibility.

Innovative, intuitive and aerodynamic, SPEED//SEEKA supplies your data in an aerodynamic and compact case which can be position in the optimal position between your hands.

Simply connect SPEED//SEEKA to your power meter, program in your target through the mobile app (iOS and Android) and SPEED//SEEKA will feedback through the easily visible display to tell you whether you are hitting your target.

The unique design is patent pending.

Product Description


- Easily visible display in all light levels.
- Display is pulsed to save battery life and increase visibility.
- Market leading weight: 32g.
- iOS and Android app for programming.
- Battery life: 10+ hours active riding + rechargeable battery.
- Universal mount allows mounting to a range of aerobar styles. Custom mounts can be designed - contact us for details.
- Spacers enable SPEED//SEEKA to be optimally positioned between your hands.
- Warranty: 1 year from date of original purchase.
- CE certified


USB charging cable.
M4 bolt.

We've been fortunate enough to work with SEEKA and help in the development process. For us, SEEKA is one of those unique products whose pure simplicity and performance advantage is clear as day from the moment you roll out for your first ride with it. Objective and actionable data given to you in the fastest and most digestible format on the market, it’s a no-brainer for those who want to perfect their execution.

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