Omega X Brake
Omega X Brake
Omega X Brake
Omega X Brake

Omega X Brake

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Since its introduction in 2012, the TriRig Omega has been the first name in aerodynamic brakes. Hiding from the wind with its tiny frontal profile and center-pull cable routing, delivering exceptional aerodynamic performance.

Key features:

- Small frontal area. 64mm wide at it's widest point, which means it will hide within the frontal profile of virtually every fork on the market.

- Magnetic front plate fairing providing a one piece cover as well as making installation and maintenance easy.

- Improved rollercam and levers. The Omega's rollercam Wedge design provides an enormous mechanical advantage for excellent stopping power, smooth action and excellent modulation. 

- Powerful return spring. A powerful spring on the rear of the brake returns it to neutral quickly and efficiently. This single fixed spring design reduces size of the brake, and allows us to keep the width narrower than most head tubes.

- The complete Omega X, including all mounting hardware and pads weighs just 134g. This puts it into ultra-light territory.

- Extensive testing. The Omega brakes have passed the world's most rigorous braking safety tests from CEN and CPSC with flying colors. The Omega performs well in both dry and wet conditions, and has been ridden ridden in every kind of training and racing environment, under some of the world's strongest professional riders.

- Simpified installation. The Omega X is even easier to setup and maintain than its predecessor. With the magnetic front plate, access to the brake's internals is literally a snap away. 

- Independent pad adjustment. There is a set screw on each side that controls how far the pad is from the brake track. If you switch to a wider rim, just move the pads outward - no need to recable the brake, open a quick release, or do anything else to compromise the performance and aerodynamics of the brake. If your brake pad has worn down, just move the pads inward. It is very quick and the most precise way to achieve optimal brake pad position. And because the pad stance is independently adjustable on each side, you can easily accommodate an out-of-true wheel or an off-centered brake mount.

- Multiple standards supports. The Omega X is compatible with a traditional single-post mount, Shimano direct-mount, and TRP U-brake direct mount standards. This allows it to work with virtually any tri bike on the market! All fasteners and adapters necessary are included, so no matter what kind of shape your frame is in, you'll be able to mount the Omega X.

- Works with any rim. Nowadays, wide rims are becoming more and more popular. They offer increased stability and comfort, and have little downside. A lot of brakes on the market aren't compatible with wide rims as the brakes can't open wide enough. The Omega X, however, opens to 32mm at the top of the brake track, making it compatible with EVERY RIM on the market. It can also close down to work just fine with traditional narrow 19mm rims. So you can be sure the Omega X will work no matter what wheels you run.

- Full clearance envelope. A lot of new tri bikes use a Shimano Direct-Mount rear brake. One disadvantage of this design is that the sidepull brake protrudes towards the crank arm, possibly limiting compatibility with certain crank-based power meters and accessories. The Omega X preserves the full clearance envelope, eliminating compatibility issues.