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Cratus Wax Treatment for Customer Supplied Cassette

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High performance waxing service. Supply your own cassette to be treated.

Searching for those final few watts for your upcoming time trial, triathlon or road race? A WattShop #Cratus waxed cassette, when combined with a #Cratus waxed chain, will provide the ultimate in low friction performance.

Each cassette undergoes a 3 stage ultrasonic cleaning process before being ultrasonically bathed in a paraffin wax, PTFE and MoS2 mixture, after which it is dusted with PTFE powder to reduce drivetrain friction yet further. The result is ultra-high drivetrain performance for around 400km, after which the cassette will need rewaxing to maintain its peak performance.

Please allow 2-3 days for the cassette to be treated.