Anemoi Carbon Arm Rests
Anemoi Carbon Arm Rests
Anemoi Carbon Arm Rests

Anemoi Carbon Arm Rests

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Aerodynamic, supportive and comfortable high sided carbon fibre arm rests. As used by the Huub Wattbike track team and Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling road team to multiple National, World and Commonwealth titles.

In order to maintain a consistent aerodynamic position, you need to be comfortable and able to support yourself. The WattShop #Anemoi carbon fibre arm rests provide the perfect supportive base for your TT or track bike. Manufactured in the UK from high quality carbon fibre. Each pair comes blank to allow each arm rest to be drilled to suit the application, meaning a stronger and more aerodynamic base. Supplied with WattShop engraved 5mm velcro backed foam padding. 

Our angled arm rests retain the same supportive shape as the flat #Anemoi carbon arm rests, along with the addition of a 10, 15 or 20 degree rise. This allows for increased comfort and stability for those with a high hand position. As with all our arm rests, they are compatible with any base bar configuration. 


  • 125mm fore-aft
  • 50mm tall side supports
  • Side supports at a 90 degree angle
  • Two piece rests are individually 100mm wide
  • One piece rests are 200mm wide
  • Dual sided rests taper from back to front; 100mm to 90mm wide and 70mm to 50mm tall side supports

Please note that UCI regulations dictate that only the flat, 10 and 15 degree two piece arm rests are legal for use in UCI events. This will not affect any CTT or other non-UCI events.

If you prefer, we can drill the arm rests for you. Please email us after purchase if you require this. Drilled arm rests can not be returned.


  • Angled rests: 130g excluding foam padding and printed inserts
  • Flat rests: 125g excluding foam padding
  • Foam padding: 22g

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