Anemoi Notio/GoPro Bracket

Anemoi Notio/GoPro Bracket

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An out front bracket for Notio, GoPro, GoPro compatible front light and any item that mounts via the GoPro style mounting. The bracket is compatible with our Anemoi extension system and can also be used as a standalone item as part of a standard dual riser stack with fore-aft bolt centres between 15-40mm.

The bracket adds 5mm in stack height when fitted as part of the riser stack, is machined from 6082-T6 aluminium and anodised black. It comes supplied with a Notio/GoPro mounting, 2x 5mm riser stack spacers and relevant hardware.

If installed as part of the Anemoi extension system there are various mounting positions, these are outlined as below.

  • As part of the extension riser stack between the mount plate and the angled riser, for dual riser stack and non-UCI mono riser stack systems. A pair of 5mm risers are supplied so as the opposite stack can be balanced with a 5mm spacer. 
  • To the underside of the mount plate positioned directly below angled riser, dual riser stack systems only.
  • To the topside of the mount plate positioned directly above the riser stack, dual riser stack systems only.

Alternatively if installed as part of a standard dual riser stack system the bracket will mount as part of your riser stack. You'll need to balance the 5mm bracket out with a 5mm OEM spacer in the opposite riser stack. We recommend swapping out the bracket for a 5mm spacer when not testing.

Please note if you have a mono bracket you may need to get in touch with us to confirm compatibility.


  • 28g (excluding any riser spacers)